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Trial Excellence: Attorneys, Glenn Cameron and Deirdre Marroney, successfully defended their client in 2 separate back to back four day personal injury jury trials the weeks of 4/11/16 and 4/18/16. The first case involved a minor rear end impact with plaintiff allegedly that he herniated a disc at the L4-5 level resulting in a fusion surgery to plaintiff’s lumbar spine. Plaintiff had a significant medical history related to his lower back including several invasive procedures and a previous fusion surgery at L5-S1. A jury rejected plaintiff’s claims of over $225,000.00 in medical expenses, due to the minor impact, along with pain and suffering and past lost wages by determining that the defendant, which admitted liability for the accident, was not the cause of Plaintiff’s claimed injuries. Back to back success: The second case also involved attorney’s, Glenn Cameron and Deirdre Marroney, who again successfully defended their client in a personal injury claim who alleged neck and back injuries resulting from contact between his vessel and the defendant’s vessel which occurred on the intercostal waterway just north of the Ocean Avenue bridge. Plaintiff was stopped by Sheriff’s marine deputies for violating a no wake zone (manatee area). During the stop, the Sheriff’s vessel made slight contact with plaintiff’s vessel while in the process of tying up to plaintiff’s boat. As a result of the contact, plaintiff alleged he was thrown against the windshield of his boat sustaining neck and low back injuries which were not reported until plaintiff returned home and notified the Sheriff’s Office. There were no witnesses to plaintiff’s claims related to hitting the windshield despite the two Sheriff’s deputies having Plaintiff in their field of vision during the entire stop. Oddly enough and despite his injuries, plaintiff testified that after the stop he and his passengers drove his boat to the Key Lime House for dinner before returning to the marina to trailer his boat and drive home. The Sheriff’s Office denied it was negligent and that the contact between the two vessels caused any injury to plaintiff. After four days a Palm Beach County jury deliberated 50 minutes before returning a verdict in favor of the Sheriff’s Office finding it was not negligent and was not the cause of plaintiff’s alleged disc herniations in his neck and back.

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