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Child support matters are among the most sensitive topics an attorney will deal with during their practice. However, their discomfort pales in comparison to the difficult circumstances faced by families separated by divorce. Fathers may fear their soon to be ex-wives will use the children as a weapon against them and mothers fear the father may refuse to support them out of anger. The conflicts may be as angry as the legal issues are complex. Child support lawyers have to have the sensitivity of a therapist, the patience of a priest, yet also the experience and skills necessary to resolve matters in the best interest of all parties, especially the children.

Five attributes found in good child support lawyers

  • Child support lawyers will be great communicators. Lawyers will deal with a variety of persons during a divorce and custody case. They will deal with social work professionals, educators, medical professionals and of course parents, children and judges and attorneys. Family law attorneys must be able to communicate with parents unfamiliar with legal issues as well as they do officers of the court.
  • Child support lawyers, if they are to be successful, must be able to show empathy and compassion to their clients as well as the party across the table. The last thing a lawyer needs is for the judge to believe part of the strategy is to engender more antipathy between the parents in custody cases. When a client is more at ease, they are best able to help the lawyer achieve justice.
  • Lawyers who have experience in a wide variety of issues in family law may make the best attorneys in a child support case. In a marital separation, the issues are often intertwined. Custodial parents who are in have a visitation agreement with their former spouse are more likely to receive child support, and more likely to receive payments regularly.
  • There are too often occasions where the custodial parent does not receive their child support payments regularly. Sometimes the non-custodial parent runs into real financial problems. Sometimes, that parent just doesn’t want to pay. The determined lawyer will doggedly pursue child support payments owed, making sure that the parents make good on their promises.
  • Family law attorneys have to be readily available to their clients. This doesn’t mean you’ll find an attorney who will drop everything and run when you call. This means an attorney who gives you updates on your case, who has no problem answering your questions or returning a call when busy.

Child Support Lawyer, West Palm Beach

Child support attorneys will be a compassionate person interested in the well-being of their clients, not simply seeing clients as a means of financing the attorney’s lifestyle. If you are in need of an experienced attorney in West Palm Beach, set up an appointment with Cameron, Gonzalez & Marroney today.


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