Caring and Professional Staff.

When choosing the Attorneys in West Palm Beach you receive the support of the entire Cameron and Marroney staff. Our personable staff has built a solid representation for consistent quality care, giving you that extra support during your difficult time. We understand how important it is for our client’s to find peace of mind knowing that you have the support team behind you to help you make sound decisions during your particular dispute. Call our caring staff today and set up a Free Consultation: (561) 659.5522

Guranteed Representation by a Partner of the Firm.

We are committed to providing our clients with superior personal service that includes representation from a partner of the firm. Our practice is devoted entirely to litigation. At Cameron and Marroney you can feel confident knowing that you are receiving quality devoted representation. We take on challenging cases and have a reputation for creating successful resolutions for our clients. With Us It’s Personal.

More Experience Equals Better Results.

The attorneys in Palm Beach are committed to litigation excellence and providing you with the tools necessary to bring about a successful resolution of your particular dispute. At Cameron & Marroney, we offer more Than 50 Years Of Combined Experience Fighting For Our Clients. In the day and age of over saturated lawyer ads and billboards, it is important to find legal representation that has experience where it matters most. Our entire practice is devoted to litigation, after all Results Matter!


Family Law

At Cameron & Marroney, we offer the skilled family law representation that people need when they are facing difficult choices. We will help you see how the choices that you will be making as part of your family law proceeding will affect your future, so that you can begin laying the foundation for that future.


Business Law

Every good business owner knows that disputes and conflicts can be dangerous to the overall health of a business if not managed appropriately.At Cameron & Marroney. our attorneys bring a focus on litigation and effective dispute resolution quickly.  We know that no one wants to spend money unnecessarily.


Personal Injury

The attorneys at Cameron & Marroney understand and know that all personal injuries are serious and many times have far reaching effects on the injured and their families. All personal injury cases are handled with the utmost care and attention to those clients that we are privileged to represent.  We never charge any fees or costs unless we recover money for you.



 About Our Firm

Finding your way through difficult times is a challenge for even the most resourceful individuals.  Having a skilled guide to help you find your way may be the best step you take.  Our staff is caring and personable.  We take great pride in taking great care of our clients from the initial inquiry all the way through to the courtroom.  The Law doesn’t have to mean you stop being human, let us help.  Give us a call today and let our experience be that first step towards a stronger future.  (561) 659-5922  
  • How we can help you?

    In addition to our  Guaranteed Representation by a Partner of the Firm, we truly are committed to litigation excellence and giving you the best possible results for your situation.  We are proud to not rely on billboards, cheesy commercials or gimmicks to drive our business.  Instead we put the focus on people and let our results do the advertising. Call Us today and let us help guide you towards a resolution and stronger future.  Your initial consultation is absolutely FREE.  Call Today: (561) 659-5522

– Why Choose Cameron & Marroney?

At Cameron & Marroney  we are dedicated to helping our clients build better, stronger futures for themselves.  We will help you lay the foundation necessary for your vision of the future to become your reality.

Every client of ours is guaranteed representation by a Partner of the Firm.  With over 50 years of trial experience, we have a proven track record of success as we specialize in litigation.  We are committed to providing our clients with superior personal service.  Results Matter.   

– What Makes Our Firm Different?

The cornerstone of this firm is our experience in the courtroom. Our firm is uniquely dedicated to providing clients with skilled and aggressive legal representation in ALL matters with exceptional personal service, efficiency, professionalism, and most importantly, outstanding results.

– How or where do I start?

Facing difficult legal issues can be stressful and intimidating. The best that anyone can do when such issues arise is to put his or her effort into securing the representation of a skilled and experienced lawyer to protect their rights. The first step is to give us a call (Se Habla Espanol).  Our caring staff will help give you the guidance you need and set up an initial ABSOLUTELY FREE consultation which will be that first step towards a brighter, more peaceful future.

Call Today: (561) 659-5522 


  • "Attorney Glenn Cameron has successfully handled, negotiated and taken to trial numerous disputes ranging in value from $5,000.00 up to $4.5 million dollars. Glenn is an outstanding litigator who provides Arbor Tree and Land, Inc. with the much needed experience and knowledge that gives us the edge to compete in today’s aggressive environment."
    -Bill Hodges (President of Arbor Tree Land Inc.)
  • "This firm is top notch and gives us a competitive edge when it is needed. Glenn Cameron has represented B&B Underground Contractors, Inc., B&B Horizontal Inc. and B&B Properties, Inc. on numerous complex matters over the past 15 years. Mr. Cameron’s legal advice, understanding of the construction process and negotiation skills have been invaluable to our business. In addition to Mr. Cameron, his partners have provided sound legal insight to many construction and commercial issues which have afforded us the ability to make quick business decisions and often settle complicated matters in a timely fashion."
    -O’Neal Bates (President of B&B Properties)
  • From the initial contact all the way through to the final resolution -- Mr. Gonzalez and Team were dedicated to our case. STRONGLY recommend if you need legal representation!
    Sandy Mundt McNulty
  • An awesome team of attorneys. I would highly recommend each and every one.
    Melta Barker Briggs