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You know your kid has been in trouble with the cops before and he has been previously arrested and convicted for felony possession of marijuana or other controlled substances.  In fact, you hired your kid’s previous lawyer to get him some help!  Now he is up at college (6 year program) trying to get his associates degree.  You get that call again- he got caught driving YOUR CAR.  The cops seized it because he had 30 grams weed in the car.  GUESS WHAT?  Pursuant to Florida’s FORFEITURE LAWS you may lose your car to forfeiture.  That’s right, the police can seized it, sue you, keep it and sell your car at the auction.  Why?  Because you knew that he was in trouble before and you are not an INNOCENT OWNER!  Not to mention, you have hired a criminal lawyer for your kid who tells you, “I’ll do the forfeiture case too!”  But, the lawyer handles criminal cases, not CIVIL FORFEITURE!   Now you’re out $5,000 for the criminal case and your car!  Worst thing-your kid’s back home sleeping until noon!  Hire a lawyer that knows how to litigate an ASSET FORFEITURE case.  The U.S. Constitution applies to CIVIL FORFEITURE matters!  Remember Orlando Gonzalez is a former Police Officer.  Call him today to receive REAL Representation who understands both sides of the Law.

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