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Glenn Cameron previously played for the Cincinnati Bengals prior to becoming a Board Certified Trial Lawyer.  The same competitive edge is present in every case Glenn represents today.  If you or your business have found yourself in a contract and or business dispute your next move can save you thousands of dollars.  Big firms usually are guaranteed for only one thing….a big fat bill.  At Cameron & Marroney PLLC you will gain the same quality (actually we like to think better) representation at a fraction of what you pay the large West Palm Bach Law Firms.  We specialize in Business Law and actual Trial Experience.  In business your time is money, don’t waste either in a dispute, simply call Glenn and get back to what you do best, running your business.  We will tell you exactly what to do and no dispute is too small.  Stop thinking you can’t afford to fight for your business.  We pride ourselves in quality personalized representation from an experienced Trial Lawyer.  No rookies here.  For a FREE Consultation watch the video below then call (561) 659-5522



Glenn Negotiating

Glenn Cameron (50) speaking with Bengals owner, Mike Brown, along with teammates Dave Lapham (62) and Jim LeClair (63) regarding the end of the NFLPA players strike and the resumption of the 1982 NFL season. Negotiation is an art and Glenn Cameron has been refining his skills for over 3 decades.


Every good business owner knows that disputes and conflicts can be dangerous to the overall health of a business if not managed appropriately. Every dispute occupies resources such as time and money that could be better spent on growth. No smart business owner should allow his or her focus to remain distracted from the essentials of growth and day-to-day issues.

At Cameron & Marroney, PLLC, our attorneys bring a focus on litigation and effective dispute resolution that many of our business clients appreciate. We have worked with business clients of all scales during our decades of service to the business community. The one consistent fact is that all of our business clients are looking for the most efficient means of resolving the dispute. No one wants to spend money unnecessarily. We know that and we provide the exceptional representation our clients need.

Our firm offers its exceptional commercial law representation to those facing such matters as:

 Litigation Experts.  Glenn Cameron has over 27 years of Actual Trial Experience.

Business disputes need to be resolved efficiently and effectively. Do everything you can to ensure that you secure the best possible resolution. The skilled and experienced commercial law attorneys of Cameron, Gonzalez & Marroney, PLLC, can help. To schedule a free initial consultation with West Palm Beach’s premiere business litigation attorney, Glenn Cameron call (561) 659-5522 or Contact Us Online.

What Our Business Clients Say:

  • "Attorney Glenn Cameron has successfully handled, negotiated and taken to trial numerous disputes ranging in value from $5,000.00 up to $4.5 million dollars. Glenn is an outstanding litigator who provides Arbor Tree and Land, Inc. with the much needed experience and knowledge that gives us the edge to compete in today’s aggressive environment."
    -Bill Hodges (President of Arbor Tree Land Inc.)
  • "This firm is top notch and gives us a competitive edge when it is needed. Glenn Cameron has represented B&B Underground Contractors, Inc., B&B Horizontal Inc. and B&B Properties, Inc. on numerous complex matters over the past 15 years. Mr. Cameron’s legal advice, understanding of the construction process and negotiation skills have been invaluable to our business. In addition to Mr. Cameron, his partners have provided sound legal insight to many construction and commercial issues which have afforded us the ability to make quick business decisions and often settle complicated matters in a timely fashion."
    -O’Neal Bates (President of B&B Properties)



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