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School is back in session and your 17 year-old has his/her license and is driving to school and to other activities.  BE AWARE that Florida law makes it absolutely clear (Florida Statute §322.09(2)) that a parent or guardian will be financially responsible if their child causes any injuries through their negligent or intentional acts while driving a motor vehicle.  Another words, you as the parent, because you signed your child’s driver’s license application with the Division of Driver’s Licenses, are jointly and severally responsible for any of his/her act of negligence or intentional act.

Parental Responsibility for your Child’s Criminal Mischief (Vandalism) and Theft:

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU CHILD IS OR WHO THEIR HANGING OUT WITH?  If your child commits and act of vandalism or theft (shoplifting) and lives with the parents, the parents will be financially responsible.  Florida Statute states that, “if a child maliciously or willfully destroys or steals property, real, personal or mixed”-and the minor lives with his or her parents, the parents will be financially responsible.  The victim will be able to sue the parent(s) for actual damages suffered by them.

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