Paternity actions are the starting point of so many other rights for parents. Today, a growing number of parents choose to forego marriage. When their relationship comes to an end, the normal divorce process, which would make certain decisions regarding the best interests of a child, is not available as an avenue for resolution. Furthermore, until a Court Order is entered otherwise a Mother has sole parental responsibility and decision-making power for the child.

A paternity action can be used to answer questions regarding:

This makes paternity actions critical for fathers seeking to establish their child custody and visitation rights. It can further help mothers obtain support for children born out of wedlock.

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At Cameron, Gonzalez & Marroney, PLLC, we understand the importance a paternity action can have for a father or mother. It is the starting point for securing legal recognition of your rights as a parent. It can also give you the power to ensure that the other parent meets his or her obligations. Our extensive experience and reputation for aggressive representation allows us to help our clients effectively pursue their objectives through a paternity action.

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Not all paternity actions are alike. If you are pursuing a paternity action that involves an individual with substantial assets or a unique career, we have direct experience that allows us to still meet our clients’ needs no matter how exceptional the circumstances.



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