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Trial Excellence: Glenn Cameron was successful in forcing a seven figure settlement from insurance carriers in a maritime case when their insured, who was operating a 38 foot Boston Whaler on Biscayne Bay off Miami, struck a vessel carrying the 24 year old daughter of the firm’s clients. The operator of the new 38 foot Whaler did not have his VHF radio tuned to channel 16 in order to monitor coast guard and other vessel transmissions. The owner also had radar on the vessel that was not in use because he didn’t know how to operate it. Lastly, the owner was acting as the sole lookout on his new Boston Whaler and failed to see the other vessel approaching on his port side despite a passenger, who was sitting behind him, seeing the oncoming vessel and ran to the helm to warn the owner that he needed to turn. Unfortunately, the owner failed to react in time and a severe impact occurred. The daughter of the firm’s clients died as a result of the impact which occurred the night of July 4, 2014. The case was scheduled for trial in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division on November 7, 2016, prior to the settlement being reached.

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