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Attorney Glenn Cameron was able to obtain an outstanding settlement on behalf of his client a 66 year old mother and sole survivor of decedent. Christopher was an avid 46 year old bicyclist who was struck by the defendant as he was riding south on a Saturday afternoon on the right hand side of Beach Road in Tequesta, Fl. Beach Road is a very popular route for bicyclists and is quite busy on the weekends. Defendant’s insurance carrier, Liberty Mutual General Insurance Company, initially denied liability relying on 2 eyewitnesses who alleged that the decedent rode his bicycle into the path of defendant’s vehicle. Cameron, Gonzalez & Marroney retained an accident reconstructionist who reviewed the scene of the accident, inspected defendant’s vehicle and the decedent’s bicycle and concluded that the fault rested entirely on the 83 year old plaintiff who was driving her SL 500 Mercedes next to the bicyclist and failed to see him. As a result, one week before trial was to begin, Liberty Mutual admitted liability and Mr. Cameron settled the pain and suffering claim  for $1,300,000.00.

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